UPlanMe provides publishers with access to custom, curated event calendars that you can easily share with your visitors. By becoming a publisher, you gain access to over 50,000 UPlanMe events in nightlife, dining, retail / fashion, sports, music, TV and more.

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Publisher Benefits

Embed your UPlanMe events calendar into your website in only 10 minutes. Choose from various sizes and colors to fit within your site.

  • Access over 50,000 monthly events in the U.S. to share with your visitors
  • Increase visitor engagement and page views by up to 15%
  • Sell ad-packages and sponsorships around your custom events calendar
  • Share in revenue with UPlanMe based on your page views
  • Save time by focusing on sales, marketing & editorial content rather than event curation

Nationwide Calendar

Access events, specials and sales in music, sports, TV, shopping, food & nightlife from the top 50 U.S. cities. “Set it and Forget it!

Channel Calendar

Do you have a category specific website, blog or media property focusing on sports, music, TV, shopping, food or nightlife? Then easily curate events, specials and sales to place on your UPlanMe channel calendar.

Don’t Get Left Behind!

Here are just a few of the brands and businesses using UPlanMe to manage and promote their events and specials: